Cell Phone Cooler Semiconductor Mobile Phone Radiator With Quiet Fan Magnetic Tablet Cooling Case With USB Power Cable For


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The Phone Cooler is magnetic and as light as 70g. The dual cooling of semiconductors and silent fans, and the three-layer cooling structure can dissipate heat more quickly. Ultra-soft coating, 360-degree precision fit.

1. Magnetic and portable.
2. Semiconductor and silent fan dual cooling, three-layer cooling structure, fast cooling.
3. Ultra-soft coating, perfect fit, and wonā€™t hurt the phone.
4. Compatible with phones and tablets.
5. Colorful RGB ring and long battery life.

No magnetic feature phone requires adhesive to use.

Material: ABS+Silicone+Magnet
Interface: Type-C output
Input current: 5V/1A
Dual Modes: Cool/Extreme Cold
Fan life: about 8000h
Air volume data: 5500/min speed
Size: about 65*65*25mm/2.6*2.6*1in
Weight: about 70g
Color: Grey

Packing List:
1*Tablet Cooler
1*Magnetic Tab
1*Charging Cable
1*Instruction Manual

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1.Magnetic Design – Tablet Cooler’s magnetic sheet is composed of a high thermal conductivity steel plate and strong adhesive. It will automatically stick when close to the phone and will not fall off during use. As light as 70g, it is very portable.

2.Fast Heat Dissipation Structure – The heat dissipation effect is greatly improved. Its structure can improve heat dissipation per unit of time. The Cell Phone Cooler uses a combination of semiconductors and silent powerful fans for cooling.

3.Not Block the Screen – The Phone Radiator fits perfectly without compromising operation for a comfortable experience. With super soft coating, a 360-degree precision fit will not hurt the machine. Round, miniature, and compact, it does not block the hand or the screen.

4.Multiple Devices Compatible – Our Phone Cooling Fan is designed to be compatible with both phones and tablets. Just connect it to the back of the device and plug in the USB power cable. You can immerse yourself in a long game.

5.LED Light RGB Ring – With long battery life, the Cell Phone Cooling Pad is perfect for long hours of gaming, streaming, navigating, or Vlog recording. Colorful glare, LED lights to form an RGB ring, gorgeous and colorful.

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